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#1 72maverick Seat belts...  
With the warmer weather we had this past weekend it reminded me i still need to replace my seat belts for the wife and kids to ride along.

Anyone had any luck with aftermarket seat belts? I'd like 3-point retractable, with my stock bench and stock style rear lap belts.

I've been looking at the one from

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#2 Grabber5.0 Re:Seat belts...  
I have been pretty happy with the ones I got from Andover Restraints: 3-point retractable seat belts Look for "Lap Belt With Shoulder Harness
-With 8" Door Post Extension"

The key thing that makes a difference is the door post extension. Without it, if you are not very tall, the shoulder belt runs across your neck and is uncomfortable. I bought the ones with the 8" door post extension. I will take a look at those you posted.. at first glance I didn't see one with a door post extension.
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#3 72maverick Re:Seat belts...  
Thanks Matt. I knew there was another company I had looked at before. I agree, my current shoulder strap runs across my neck also. The ones I posted do not offer an extension.

Did you mount the retractor to the same bolt as your lap belt?

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#4 Grabber5.0 RE: Seat belts...  
Yep, it bolts to the factory lab belt bolt. One other thing I bought was a new anchor to weld in for the shoulder belt, because the factory location being behind the b-pillar also contributes to where it comes across your neck as well as how far back you have to reach for the seat belt when you put it on. That thread is on the main discussion board near the top.
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