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#1 Grabber5.0 Tighten sport mirrors?  
Has anyone been able to tighten up the mirror mechanism on both the remote and manual sport mirrors? If so, what's the secret?
Message created at 05/07/12 08:10 PM
#2 daydreamer Re:Tighten sport mirrors?  
ya I would like too know also. My pass mirror is loose and never stays where I leave it:?:
Message created at 05/08/12 06:28 AM
#3 Craig Selvey Re:Tighten sport mirrors?  
I seem to recall others saying you can take the mechanism out of the mirror housing, then take punch and "dent" the outside part that retails the ball pivot. This will help tighten it up.
Message created at 05/08/12 06:52 AM
#4 grabber5.0 Re:Tighten sport mirrors?  
Thanks Craig.. I will give that a shot. My drivers mirror has been staying put since I mounted the remote, so it's mainly the passenger side mirror now.
Message created at 05/31/12 11:23 PM