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#1 Maxx Levell Roll Cage Bars...  
Ok guys...I'm getting ready to install the cage in the 71 and was wanting to see if anyone has any pics of their front down bars? The bars I'm talking about are the ones running from the top halo, near the top of the windshield, and running down, somewhat in line with the windshield, to the floor. Not the door bars, and not the front "snout" bars that project into the engine compartment.

I'm looking for ideas on how to run them. The ones in the cage of my 72 sort of follow the outline of the dash, with a little "s" type bend, which is fine...but I'd like something a little straighter if I can. Ideally, I'd take the windshield and dash out and just run them in line with the windshield pillar, but that's not really an option right now.

Just looking for any ideas with pics if anyone has them. Will be bending up the tubes later this weekend or the first of next week, and would like a fresh perspective on this lol.

Thanks in advance guys.
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#2 Grabber5.0 Re:Roll Cage Bars...  
Sigh, I guess all of the replies in this thread were lost when the server crashed. :( Along with my remote sport mirror post. :cuss:
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#3 Maxx Levell Re:Roll Cage Bars...  
Lol...didn't know if there were any reples or not. Oh happens.
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