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#1 Maxx Levell SBF Stud Girdle...?  
Looking at doing another 302 block based 347 to start off this year. Cracked the #2 main in the previous block, which was found after "other" damage had occurred.

Looking at a couple of main stud girdles to use, and looking for any input or experience others may have with them. I've looked at both the "street" and "race" versions, and am wondering what the differences in HP levels are in which they can be used. My previous 347 was running high 6 and low 7 ET's depending on weather conditions, with a 3.89 gear set. Nothing real radical, but respectable for what it was. Had no idea it had enough grunt to crack one of the mains! But, I've been told that I was pushing the edge with a factory block. I already have a 351 to build, and will be doing so when I decide what I'm going to do on the front end situation. In the meantime, the little 347 will be going in. Would like to at least get a full season out of it lol. The price between the 2 main girdles is negligible, but the race version has to have the main caps machined, which isn't a problem...just need to know if it's overkill for what I'm needing, or a requirement.

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#2 jmgford Re:SBF Stud Girdle...?  
I have built (2) 347's and a 427 Windsor. I used the steel plate main stud girdles on all of them. As I recal, only a slight amount of hand filing was required on the caps.
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#3 maxx levell Re:SBF Stud Girdle...? about oil pan? Will the stock one fit, or do I need to just order a new one?
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#4 jmgford Re:SBF Stud Girdle...?  
I used an aftermarket pan on both of the 347's, but I have a stock 351 pan on my 427. I had to some very minor reworking near the rear on that one.
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#5 Maxx Levell Re:SBF Stud Girdle...?  
Thanks for the heads up! At least I'll be able to test fit everything on the engine stand, and see what I need to do.
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#6 daydreamer Re:SBF Stud Girdle...?  
I'm usein the canton main girdle. You don't have to machine down the main caps but it is recommended to line hone thru the mains with the girdle in place and torqued down. The canton girdle is steel.When I started to tighten main #3 the #2 and4 mains were pushed down also.never saw that b4. ttfn Ron
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#7 maxx levell Re:SBF Stud Girdle...?  
Thanks guys...but I went the other route. Man O War block arrived this afternoon! Woo Hoo!!! lol
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