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#1 grabber5.0 Stripped spoiler stud boss  
One of the stud bosses on my spoiler has stripped and the stud broke loose and can't be tightened up. What is the proper way to fix it? Do I fill it with fiberglass like the one with glass strands in it and thread the stud in?
Message created at 03/13/12 08:48 PM
#2 jmgford Re:Stripped spoiler stud boss  
I think that would be fine Matt. I have also used epoxy to repair stripped threads in fiberglass hood scoops. A friend of mine runs a boat dealership and gave me some powdered fibergalss to mix with resin that worked really well also. Some times the stranded 'glass is hard to keep free of voids in small holes though.
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#3 Grabber5.0 RE: Stripped spoiler stud boss  
I hadn't thought of epoxy. Good point about the voids.. That stuff wasn't fun to work with anyway. Need to see what I've got in the garage.
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#4 Fro RE: Stripped spoiler stud boss  
I used epoxy on mine almost 16 years ago, I guess it's done pretty good.
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#5 Grabber5.0 RE: Stripped spoiler stud boss  
So should I fill it, then drill and tap it?
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#6 jmgford RE: Stripped spoiler stud boss  
You could try just epoxying the stud in, but it would probably be stronger to drill and tap. If you are going to drill & tap, you might want to use something harder like JB Weld.
Message created at 03/15/12 05:00 PM
#7 Fro RE: Stripped spoiler stud boss  
On mine I just filled it up and and reinstalled the stud then I rigged up a clamp to hold some tension on it and left it for two full days to cure
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