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#1 kayaknutt Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
Hello there All.

I have not been on in quite a long time, so thought I'd say Hi ! I Have been really busy since my daughter came along 17 months ago, In that time my May has got covered in boxes, baby stuff & alkinds of other junk. I recently got it un-earthed & spruced up the garage, My body expert has has some slack time, so we cut out some rust & replaced a small piece on the lower 1/4. Also found a boneyard spoiler broken in 2 pieces, for a steal of a deal of $8.00 and I have him putting it back question is does anybody have a photo of the decklid with the spoiler off (Exterior & Interior) & or a pattern of anykind for the bolt holes ?

All is well here, baby Graelyn is growing like a weed, also the terrible two thing has arrived:crying::crap::wow: and she is going to put our patience & parenting skills to the ultimate test !!! Pic is her 1st B-day last march, looks the same now, just more teeth & a temper to compete with the big dogs !
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#2 wardf Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
Gene, good to see you are still around. Congrats on baby Graelyn!!! Can't help you withthe spoiler problem but wanted to say hello.
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#3 Craig Selvey Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
I have a template I mail out that can be used to mark exactly where the holes go. all I ask is that I get it back. It is in Arizona right now.
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#4 Grabber5.0 Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
If nobody steps up, I need to take my spoiler off to repair one of the holes the studs screw into because it is cracked and won't stay tight. I can tell you, they are round on the outside. :p
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#5 jmgford Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
If you lay the spoiler against the decklid and mark the stud locations on the peak, you just need to center-punch the locations and use a hole saw to bore through at the approximate angle of the studs. I think the hole diameter is about 3/4", but you can just measure the stud boss on the spoiler to determine that.
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#6 maverick racer Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
Hey Gene. Glad to hear everything is going good with you and your family. Don't be such a stranger. :thumbsup:
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#7 kayaknutt Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
Thanks Craig, I think I will try Jack's method, I just could not picture it on how to start, now that it is in one solid piece I think it will be an easy task. Boy this thing came out good. He put sprayed it with some leftover color from a side job, late model Gm Pick-up charcoal metalic gray............ Almost exactly what I had in mind, now that I see it on a part that is the one ! Seeing paint on it is really cranking up the fire under my tail to get some progress happening ! :P :P I will post a pic when I get it mounted.

I am needing 1 of the holdown brackets............. Anybody have one that I can Beg, borrow, steal, rent or Purchase ??? I know I can fab-up something, But that would just drive me to an O.C.D. TIZZY ! Since I have 3 of the correct ones .
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#8 jmgford Re:Hi There... Checking in & Spoiler question  
Gene, "Wagesofsin" on the other board was making some nice reproductions of the original spoiler retainers. You might try contacting him.
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