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#1 Maxx Levell Trans Problem...  
I just recently got my C4 back from a rebuild. Just a basic clutches, etc, and a manual valve body kit from TCI. I installed the trans with a new converter...and it won't move. No forward or reverse gears.

Fluid level is good, and shift cable adjustment appears to be correct.

When I first added fluid to the trans, it had a leak around the intermediate servo cover. I removed the cover and replaced the gasket, which stopped the leak. Could I have gotten it back on incorrectly? I didn't remove the servo itself...just the cover. Is there anything I could have done by removing and replacing the cover that would potentially cause the issues I'm having?

Anything I can check with the trans still in the car? I'm no transmission guy for sure...but If I can check anything with it still in the car, that would be great. It's a pain to get it into and out of the car!

Thanks for any assistance on this...
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#2 mavericknutt Re:Trans Problem...  
Not that would keep it from moving ( changing the servo gasket ) how many quarts of fluid? Are you sure you got the converter fully seated? The only thought that I have is maybe they did not get the manual valve onto the linkage inside the transmission drop the pan and check that.
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#3 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
It appears to be full by the dipstick. I added an aftermarket Hughes locking dipstick, and a TCI aluminum pan with an extra quart of capacity. I'm pretty sure the converter was seated all the way in, but I suppose it could have moved some. I seated it and then attached the trans to the engine outside the car. Put the converter bolts in as well, and then installed both into the car. The converter spun just fine to line up the holes. It is a new converter, and has threaded holes instead of the studs.

Something else...when I move the shifter with the car off, it will shift into neutral and let the wheels spin. When it's in park or another gear, the wheels are "locked" and will not turn. That indicates to me that the linkage is attached this correct? It may not be...i simply do not know.

Someone on another board suggested that when I removed the servo cover, the band could have dropped. Does this sound plausible? He said I should have either loosened or tightened the band to prevent this...does that make sense? I have no idea. I had one of the Haynes transmission books that I was using for reference, and it didn't say anything about that. I removed the servo cover and replaced the gasket with the trans in the car.

This thing is driving me crazy lol. This was going to be the first time to the track this year...and when I went to pull it out of the shop to wash it...I went nowhere lol. Very FRUSTRATING.

Thanks for the help...
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#4 mavericknutt Re:Trans Problem...  
Possible but you can still fix that in the car drop the pan and take a look worse case you will have to drop the valve body no worries on the converter if it spun freely your good
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#5 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
Thanks Robert. I talked to the builder today, and he wants me to hook a pressure gauge to it first to rule out the converter or pump. He says if it has pressure, to then drop the pan and check the manual valve under the rooster comb to make sure it is engaged. He was real cool about it. I told him about taking the servo cover off to replace the gasket, and he says that didn't cause any issues. He also said that if it wasn't the manual valve, and it had pressure, I'd unfortunately have to drop the trans and bring it to him again. He said he's not perfect, and could have gotten something wrong. I can appreciate that kind of honesty. I also very much appreciate your advice and help on this!

Probably won't be ablt to do anything until wednesday at the oldest daughter's wedding is tomorrow lol..and she's kind of expecting me to be there :thumbsup:
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#6 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
Well, I was able to get a pressure valve attached, and I had pressure, so it's not the converter or pump. I'm prety sure it's the manual valve not seated. Pulled the drain plug on the trans pan to let the fluid drain while I've been away, and will hopefully get a chance to pull the valve body this evening. I have a pretty good feeling about the manual valve though...when I shifted the shifter into reverse, the pressure did not change any, whereas it should have almost doubled!

Got my fingers crossed!

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#7 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
Well...after checking a little farther...the trans appears to have good pressure. I was just moving the shifter into reverse and drive, and noting no pressure changes on the gauge. If I move the shifter all the way to low, or whatever gear the trans thinks it's in, the pressure goes up above 150. I will be taking the valve body back to the guy who installed the full manual kit and have him take another look at it. In the meantime, I ordered a full manual, reverse valve body yesterday. Also got the shifter gate to modify my shifter to reverse pattern.

I'm just wondering if the kit he installed changed it to a reverse pattern? it wasn't supposed to, we ordered one for the forward pattern...but it makes me wonder.

Oh well...hopefully this will take care of the issue, and I will have a spare on hand as well.

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#8 Wilbur Green Re:Trans Problem...  
Hope all works out for you, when back together.
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#9 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
Thanks Wilbur! This thing has been giving me fits lol. Most of that is self inflicted though...I just haven't had the time to devote to it lately. Things should be slowing down a bit soon though. I'm hoping this new vavle body does the trick.
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#10 mavericknutt Re:Trans Problem...  
I dought the kit changed it to reverse pattern I hope it works out for ya.
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#11 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem...  
Thanks Robert. The new valve body just arrived a little bit ago. I'll put it in and make the necessary modifications tonight. This has been nerve wracking for sure lol.
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#12 Maxx Levell Re:Trans Problem... valvebody is installed, and Trans is working again! :clap: It isn't esactly a bolt in deal...but not too terrible.

A couple of thoughts on this:

* You have to grind/cut on the intermediate servo to cleanance it for the increased pressure for the manual VB. This is not for the faint of heart lol. I called the TCI tech line more than once to make sure I was indeed reading the directions correctly. I made the cuts fully expecting to have to purchase a new intermediate servo for the trans to function.

* You also have to tap an existing hole...called the neutral the trans case, and install a pipe plug, which IS included with the VB. This has to be easier with the trans out of the car!

I tried...and succeeded in doing all of this with the trans in the car. If I had it to do again...I think I would just remove the trans and be done with it.

In the end...I'm happy it's working again...and can't wait to get it to the track. I was set to go Saturday...but strong storms in our area rained out racing at pretty much all of the tracks in the area. Hoping to get a chance to go at the end of this week.

Thanks for the advice everyone gave me. I appreciate the input, and it helped me pinpoint the issue without having to take the trans out and return it to the builder.

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#13 mavericknutt Re:Trans Problem...  
Glad you got it fixed.:thumbsup:
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