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#1 Maxx Levell Transmission Guys...?  
I've got a leak around the Intermediate Servo cover. I have ordered a gasket and O-ring, which should be here today (actually, the first ones arrived yesterday, but they were for a c-6 lol). I will be changing this with the trans in the car (well, that's the plan anyway :) ) Is this cover under any pressure at all? I know that there's a spring behind the cover, but I don't think there's really any pressure to speak of is there? Anything to look for or be especially careful of when replacing this gasket? The O-ring?

Thanks for any assistance...
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#2 Grabber5.0 Re:Transmission Guys...?  
Wear goggles... and set up a video camera at a safe distance. :)

I'd think there wouldn't be any pressure while the tranny is off, but I speak with absolutely no real knowledge of the subject.
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#3 Maxx Levell Re:Transmission Guys...? for me... lol. Thanks Matt. I don't think there is any spring pressure on the cover either, but I'm certainly no transmission guy. Actually, I'm in the market for one of the GoPro Hero cams...that should make for some entertaining moments lol.
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#4 Grabber5.0 Re:Transmission Guys...?  
Me too! I just haven't been able to cost justify a $200 camera for RC flight videos. :D
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#5 Maxx Levell Re:Transmission Guys...?  
Lol...I want one of the roll-bar mounts so I can put it in the car. Also looking at one of the helmet mounted ones to use while working.
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#6 cometgt1974 Re:Transmission Guys...?  
there is a spring and it will be tough to change it with the tranny in the car, not much room to work in that area.
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#7 Maxx Levell Re:Transmission Guys...?'re just full of good news lol... To top it off...there are tornados HERE now. Geez
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