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#1 Maxx Levell Fuel Cell Sending Unit...  
My fuel cell came with the GM style sending unit...which will not work correctly with our factory gauge. Has anyone come up with a correct ohm range sender to use with our factory gauge? If not, I assume I can just look for an aftermarket fuel gauge to work with the sending unit I have now.
Message created at 03/25/11 10:19 AM
#2 asellers Re:Fuel Cell Sending Unit...  
What brand is your cell. I know Jaz offers sending units for Ford/Chrysler
Message created at 03/25/11 09:37 PM
#3 Maxx Levell Re:Fuel Cell Sending Unit...  
Hmmm...don't remember really lol. I'll go out and check later. Thinking about running to the Big swap meet in Louisville today...may just pick up a fuel gauge there that will work with my sending unit.
Message created at 03/26/11 08:08 AM