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#1 Maxx Levell Driveshaft Yoke?  
I'm getting ready to get a new driveshaft made to mate up with the 9" i just installed in the car. For the guys who have done this...did you just use the smaller front driveshaft yoke and use a conversion u-joint? Or did you get a larger yoke? If larger...what fits factory-wise...I'm guessing one from a truck/van, or something. Wouldn't mind picking one up at a salvage yard...just not sure what to look for...

Any help is appreciated...

Message created at 09/13/10 10:16 AM
#2 Fro Re:Driveshaft Yoke?  
I used a fox mustang yoke for an AOD which is longer than the T-5 and uses a larger joint, and are easy to find in good shape, I did buy a brand new one from mustangs unlimited once it was 80 bucks and made it down the track one time and twisted the splines, bound the driveshaft and broke the tailshaft housing on the T-5, sure did grease the track down, and that was on street tires, so I'd go with the junkyard part.
Message created at 09/13/10 04:56 PM