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#1 PINKY fuel return line  
Do I need one?
If so how do I do it?
Message created at 08/22/10 07:18 PM
#2 radmav Re:fuel return line  
yes and or no,... more details would help.:evil:

fuel injection -yes,

carbed- depending on your system, you may need one, or may get long fine without-this is where the details help out :thumbsup:
Message created at 08/22/10 09:32 PM
#3 PINKY Re:fuel return line  
stock 302, 600 carb. c-4,
:nana: Its in a 1970 Ford Maverick :thumbsup:
Not sure what other details you need :?:
Message created at 08/23/10 04:05 AM
#4 Maxx Levell Re:fuel return line  
Are you running an electric fuel pump and a return style regulator? If so, you could run would help the life of the fuel pump by recirculating the fuel and keeping the pump cool. Heat is hard on the electric pumps...and when they're dead heading against a regulator, they build up excessive heat. With the return style regulator and line, this keeps fuel constantly flowing through the pump...keeping it cool :)...

Just my .02 lol...
Message created at 08/23/10 10:56 AM
#5 asellers Re:fuel return line  
Not really needed for your setup.
Message created at 08/23/10 08:33 PM