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#1 wardf paint stuff  
I know it is the wrong emblem but.... I tried the chrome effect so I hope it is getting that across to you. I also had a few request or actually "can you paint skulls on my...." well this is practice to see if I could. Not where I want to be to put them on some one elses stuff but I thought I would share.
Message created at 04/21/13 05:22 PM
#2 jmgford Re:paint stuff  
Those look awesome, Ward. You are a talented individual.

Are they "certified"? :nana:
Message created at 04/21/13 08:29 PM
#3 mavericknutt Re:paint stuff  
that's just awesome!!!!!!
Message created at 04/22/13 10:22 AM
#4 Fro Re:paint stuff  
Very nice Ward, Top notch.
Message created at 04/22/13 06:36 PM
#5 wardf Re:paint stuff  
Thank you guys!
Message created at 04/22/13 08:32 PM
#6 maxx levell Re:paint stuff  
Hmmm...I'm going to be in the market for a new helmet soon...wheels are turning lol...

Those are awesome!
Message created at 04/22/13 09:19 PM