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#1 asellers Mini Mercury  
This is very cool! Lot of work to build. I would have used a different engine.
Message created at 02/25/13 12:25 PM
#2 Craig Selvey Re:Mini Mercury  
Says he has been to Fairmount, Indiana for the James Dean car show. I go every year. Must have missed it.
Message created at 02/25/13 02:45 PM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:Mini Mercury  
Wow, that is cool. I was disappointed they didn't show him climbing in and out of it. :p He looked like he had plenty of room - which surprised me.
Message created at 02/25/13 03:21 PM
#4 jmgford Re:Mini Mercury  
He has built several of those. A real craftsman!!!
Ernie Adams Dwarf Cars
Message created at 02/25/13 05:58 PM
#5 Fro Re:Mini Mercury  
It needs a V8 60. The mini flathead. Serious craftsmanship.
Message created at 02/26/13 09:22 PM
#6 jmgford Re:Mini Mercury  
Originally posted by Fro
It needs a V8 60. The mini flathead. Serious craftsmanship.

Good call. That would really make it over the top.
Message created at 02/27/13 04:57 AM
#7 comrick317 Re:Mini Mercury  
My Lord that guy is amazing. What a cool car that is. If i was rich i would shell out a fair bit of coin to get this guy to make me a mini Comet or Maverick.:thumbsup:
Message created at 04/06/13 09:51 PM