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#1 Grabber5.0 Snowed in?  
Well, not really but I haven't had a reason ( or the time) to get out in it yet. Chris knows how much I love winter driving nowadays (I didn't mind before that trip :p) I did clear the driveway in front of the truck so I can take Faith to a Girl Scout thing in the morning. We have 10" on the driveway -which the two oldest need to get their butts outside and clear so we can get the van out Sunday. :p Anyone else get much snow out of this storm?
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#2 Grabber5.0 Re:Snowed in?  
NOT my weapon of choice for winter driving.
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#3 Craig Selvey Re:Snowed in?  
Beats the heck out of driving a Maverick in all that mess. :D
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#4 Grabber5.0 Re:Snowed in?  
That's for sure Craig! :)

Last night I dug out the front of the driveway so I could get the truck out this morning to take Faith to a girl scout thing.. then this morning as I'm getting in the truck my neigbor asks me if I want to borrow the snowblower. :slap: What snowblower?? Turns out he bought one yesterday! He was already my favorite neighbor, but he just padded his lead. :D Had the rest of the driveway cleared out in no time this morning. :thumbsup:

They haven't been through the neighborhood with the plow yet, so the roads in here are a mess, but the major roads and highways are totally clear. I hear on Monday we could get another 6-12"... what?! :?:
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#5 Fro Re:Snowed in?  
Man I wish we could get some.
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#6 radmav Re:Snowed in?  
I went to work thursday, nothing on the ground, it must have started right after I left,...snowed til sometime in the early am. got off about 11:30ish, got home about 10 til 1? fastest I went was maybe 40 on a few stretches?...and it was kinda funny the only other thing I met on the 30 mile drive home,...another mustang.:p

it was just another "keep it between the ditches" ride home since you had no idea where the road was.
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#7 Mavericknutt Re:Snowed in?  
No kidding all we got was freezing rain, ice, and sleet
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#8 Mavericknutt Re:Snowed in?  
No kidding all we got was freezing rain, ice, and sleet
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#9 Fro Re:Snowed in?  
You can say that again.
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#10 jmgford Re:Snowed in?  
Sounds like we are in for another batch tomorrow. :(
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#11 Fro Re:Snowed in?  
We got about 5 inches of really wet snow last night. I had to pull Mike Bradleys Maverick out of a drift this morning but I didn't appear to have done any damage to it.
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#12 Grabber5.0 Re:Snowed in?  
I don't think we got a whole lot more than that last night. Heavy wet stuff here too that caused some power outages as trees and limbs fell under the weight. My neighbor's tree fell onto their cars and part on another neighbor's roof. Supposed to get a bit more tonight.
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#13 comrick317 Re:Snowed in?  
Snowed in, Hell no.

My cars just.......... er.......... white that's all.
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