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#1 wardf A little wall art  
Did this Raiders wall hanging for guy lately. Chromed the RAIDER, did rivets with rust, ground the sheet metal in a kind of starburst.I haven't cleared it yet. I also painted the last part of a vette that I painted a few years ago, the hood, did it with the carbon fiber pattern and flames and the owner wanted a JAKE skull to the drivers side. It now has flared rear fenders that I painted 2 years ago, molded the rear park lights off.
Message created at 12/17/12 02:12 PM
#2 Grabber5.0 Re: A little wall art  
Raiders?! That's just sick man! :p Awesome job as always.
Message created at 12/17/12 02:33 PM
#3 jmgford Re: A little wall art  
Nice work!
Message created at 12/17/12 08:32 PM
#4 mavericknutt Re: A little wall art  
Thats awesome:thumbsup:
Message created at 12/19/12 03:34 PM