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#1 jmgford Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
Heading out Friday morning to pick up this one for Dad. It's in Fort Smith, AK so we are staying in Joplin to visit with Jeff & Misty before heading back home.
Message created at 12/10/12 04:09 PM
#2 Fro Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
YEP!! Party!! Beautiful car by the way.
Message created at 12/10/12 04:37 PM
#3 grabber5.0 Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
If you are coming though KC you are welcome to stop and say hi. I'm right off the interstate.
Message created at 12/10/12 04:42 PM
#4 Wilbur Green Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
Awesome car, have a safe trip.
Message created at 12/10/12 04:45 PM
#5 Fro Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
Anyone else coming?
Message created at 12/11/12 06:06 PM
#6 mavericknutt Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
For me it depends on when? Cody's birthday party is on Saturday afternoon.
Message created at 12/12/12 10:56 AM
#7 jmgford Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
Back at home. Had a great visit with the Phillips family, as well as Allan & Mike. We did come back with an empty trailer though. The car was a disappointment.
Message created at 12/16/12 05:01 PM
#8 Fro Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
I'm glad to hear you made it home ok. I really hate that the car wasn't what you expected but still really glad you guys came.
Message created at 12/16/12 06:21 PM
#9 mavericknutt Re:Road Trip to (through) Joplin  
sorry I missed ya Jack:cry:
Message created at 12/19/12 03:35 PM