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#1 Grabber5.0 Labor day weekend  
Hope you all are having a relaxing break from work. I worked harder in the basement yesterday than I intended too, but my workspace needed attention, and I got my last cabinet hung up and finally out of the way. I was going to go to a cruise-in but it was too wet and muggy from all of the much-needed rain. Annual church picnic and softball game today hopefully won't do me in. :D
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#2 Grabber5.0 Re: Labor day weekend  
Still not quite finished cleaning, but I can work at least. :)
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#3 Craig Selvey Re: Labor day weekend  
Thanks to Issac (the hurricane), lots of time spent indoors working on framing up door jambs (for my bathroom).
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#4 Grabber5.0 Re: Labor day weekend  
Yeah it was definitely an indoor start to the weekend! It was sunny today though, enough I got overheated playing softball.
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#5 Mavericknutt Re: Labor day weekend  
Work area:?: stereo ....check.......flat screen ........check........lack of work on car.........check.........:cry:disappointed:
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#6 Grabber5.0 Re: Labor day weekend  
It's my computer programmer work area, not my mechanicin' work area. :P

I actually have done some work on the car, but nothing to brag about. Part of the motivation behind gutting my workspace was to clean out enough room elsewhere so I can get the crap out of the garage that is preventing me from doing work on the car.

I disconnected the bulkhead connector so I can relocate the fuse block. I can locate it lower on the firewall without cutting any wires, or I could extend a couple of wires and put it behind the package tray similar to the location where it is on the 77 behind the dash. I think my wiring is in good enough shape that there is no reason to replace it with a generic wiring harness.

I was doing some thinking before I went to sleep last night about how I can hopefully avoid having to cut my trunk floor back out to get the gas tank centered correctly.
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