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#1 jmgford Here's a surprise  
Truck Video
Message created at 08/10/12 07:01 PM
#2 jmgford Re:Here's a surpise  
Surprise #2
Mustang on Pass Time
Message created at 08/10/12 07:05 PM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:Here's a surpise  
I love that truck :D I have seen it once before but I can't remember for sure whether it was on TV or the interwebs. I'm pretty sure I watched that episode of Pass Time too -- if they had seen under the hood and saw what we saw before the pre-race quiz, I think their times would have been a little lower. :D
Message created at 08/10/12 07:31 PM
#4 maverick racer Re:Here's a surpise  
I've seen that truck before on the net.:thumbsup:
Message created at 08/11/12 03:06 PM
#5 Wilbur Green Re:Here's a surpise  
Cool vids. thanks for posting.
Message created at 08/11/12 07:37 PM
#6 daydreamer Re:Here's a surpise  
I watch PASS TIME alot also. Never saw that show though. Gotta love it.:clap:
Message created at 08/12/12 08:04 AM
#7 mavericknutt Re:Here's a surpise  
very cool
Message created at 08/14/12 10:46 AM