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#1 darren new country single from my buddies band  
Heres a link to my buddies band. They just released first single on Itunes. Its a local band from Cambridge. They just got back from a Nashville trip promoting the new single. Figured I d put this up here since hes a car guy. Hes the Bass player and was a Chrysler transmission tech for many years. The band is doing very well now and hes no longer a tranny guy. Way to go Johnny.

If you like the song you can pick it up on itunes. The singer reminds me a bit of Terri Clark.
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#2 Fro Re:new country single from my buddies band  
Thats cool, Good song too.
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#3 comrick317 Re:new country single from my buddies band  
Very cool Darren. Nice to see someone do good.
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#4 darren Re:new country single from my buddies band  
Went to see them play the Dirty Dog Saloon down town. Great band, female singer is hot... oh and she can sing. Had no idea my buddy Johnny could sing that well also. Very strange seeing him on stage. Hes a real quiet calm sort of guy. On stage hes so different.
The bar was a hoot. Coyote ugly style bar. Bachelorette party going on that night. What a riot. HAd them all up dancin on the bar with the waitress pooring shots into them. Then we got to watch them fly off the mech bull. Great time and a great band.
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