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#1 comrick317 New Challenger  
Yeah yeah yeah, i know this is a Maverick Comet board but look at this beauty. The new Challenger, sweet eh.

Is there a Maverick or a Comet like this in the works at Ford for the future:p
Message created at 02/20/12 08:30 PM
#2 daydreamer Re:New Challenger  
nice car. maybe NOT. does this car ride on air like a hovercraft???????????????:rollinglaugh:
Message created at 02/22/12 06:17 PM
#3 comrick317 Re:New Challenger  
I'm pretty sure Ron.
Message created at 02/26/12 11:40 PM
#4 Fro Re:New Challenger  
Ooooh, futuristic.
Message created at 02/27/12 06:08 PM