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#1 Grabber5.0 google maps  
Get out there and drive your car when the google-mobile is in town, you might end up on google maps. :D I saw this pic, and though it's not my car, or a Maverick, I thought it was cool.
Message created at 05/29/08 04:01 PM
#2 maverickrunner Re:google maps  
Pretty neat.....but aint you got a job or something:?:.....oh wait I am at work also:p
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#3 Grabber5.0 Re:google maps  
Hey, I work on a mapping application, I have to check out the standard once in a while. :D (Boy do I get sick of hearing "Google maps does it"! :cuss: I'm betting they have more than TWO people working on it!)

You know you want Sprint :D
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#4 maverickrunner Re:google maps  
I see Sprint still hasnt figured out where Wyoming is!!!:rollinglaugh:
Message created at 05/30/08 09:26 AM
#5 Grabber5.0 Re:google maps  
Originally posted by maverickrunner
I see Sprint still hasnt figured out where Wyoming is!!!:rollinglaugh:

Yeah they go where the people are. :) If you live outside of Cheyenne, you're roaming. But, all that roaming is free. :thumbsup: (Well, until you exceed half your overall minutes, then they will send you a letter saying they might not be the best choice for you. :D)
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#6 Grabber5.0 Re:google maps  
Zombie thread from the dead.. find your Maverick on Google Maps and post it here. :)

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#7 comrick317 Re:google maps  
O.K. Matt................ look.

It's the purple spot next to the white spot.:rollinglaugh:

Here's a nice close up shot.
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#8 grabber5.0 Re:google maps  
Cool. No street view up there? Oh, and take note I cropped down the pics not to give out my exact location.
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#9 raDMAV Re:google maps  
no street view around our place,... too rural I guess
Message created at 04/08/12 03:34 PM
#10 mavericknutt Re:google maps  
They have yet to go down our farm road............not that it would matter............with my eigth mile drive way
Message created at 06/06/12 05:29 AM
#11 comrick317 Re:google maps  
Sorry no Maverick here in this picture.

My Comet was here once way back in 2000 parked next to the house. This house is from my childhood in New Brunswick. No one lives in it any more and is for sale, sadly i can't buy it. Only a few months back it was not on Google Earth. When you looked it up it said there was no info, a few days ago i once again looked it up and was thrilled to find it on Google Earth. Talk about a place full of memories. When i find the picture with my Comet in the drive way i will post it........ after i scan it.:thumbsup:
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