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#1 maverick racer 3rd quarter newsletter  
3rd quarter newsletter has just been sent to all paid up members. If you don't get it please let us know. Thanks. Don and Ruth
Message created at 10/02/12 11:56 PM
#2 ladyd31 Re:3rd quarter newsletter  
:?: I didn't get one. I'm sending Ruth a message.:cry:
Message created at 10/05/12 06:10 AM
#3 Wilbur Green Re:3rd quarter newsletter  
We did not get it, got a no subject that had nothing.
Message created at 10/09/12 06:41 PM
#4 cometlady73 Re:3rd quarter newsletter  
Hey, guys if you have any questions about or on MCG issues email me at this isn't the place for it.
Items I need for you are your current email ,your name ,and when you joined the Maverick Comet Group if your issue is with your membership cards or newsletter.
Please don't use the boards for these problems. Thank you ,
Ruth Graham President Maverick Comet Group (MCG)& membership
Message created at 10/12/12 08:00 PM