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#1 maverick racer 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
We just got the colored artwork for the shirts. Here are the costs for this year:
Kids sizes:
6-8 small
10-12 medium
14-16 large

Adult sizes:
These are all $15.75


Tall XL $18.75
Tall 2X $21.75

To order send email to for shirts. We will need to know what sizes, how many, if you are going to Gathering you can pay there. If not, address they will be shipped to.
Will send email back with total costs of shirts.

Shirts will be ordered JUNE 27th that is the last day.They will be sent to the Gathering so those being mailed out will be sent after we get home.

Will check on shipping cost Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

Thank you for your order we will 72 shirts for order again
Ruth Graham
MCG President

Message created at 05/25/12 01:21 PM
#2 Grabber5.0 RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Thanks Don, they look great as usual.
Message created at 05/31/12 11:23 PM
#3 Mavericknutt RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Very nice thank you
Message created at 06/03/12 08:41 PM
#4 cometlady73 RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Only three weeks left for orders, only have orders for 6 shirts.
If you want shirts for 2012 Gathering please order now!!!!
Message created at 06/04/12 03:48 PM
#5 maverick racer RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Need orders placed now!!!

Please send orders to
Message created at 06/06/12 03:37 PM
#6 maverick racer RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Ok guys we have 25 shirts ordered until we hit 60 I won't be sending out the prices, if we don't get 60 there won't be any shirts that will still leave 12 more to order but I can order those if neccessary. Last date is June 27th. I have to have order in that evening. Ruth
Message created at 06/07/12 06:25 PM
#7 asellers RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
Email sent for 4 shirts. If we are short I will order more
Message created at 06/08/12 11:17 AM
#8 Fro RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
I'll order more also if we're short.
Message created at 06/08/12 04:44 PM
#9 maverick racer RE: 2012 Gathering T-shirts  
OK for those who haven't ordered shirts yet about 2 weeks left!!
Thank you to those who have ordered.
Orders need to be sent to
Have sent emails out letting those who ordered know that we got them.
If you ordered and didn't get an email ,reorder and send it to
Thank you,
Message created at 06/11/12 10:37 AM
#10 tsellers Re:2012 Gathering T-shirts  
awsome looking shirt again this year! :clap: If anyone who has not goten a shirt beffore and questioning it, they are high quality, nothing cheap feeling. Highly reccomended.
Message created at 06/11/12 09:43 PM