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#1 Fro Who's coming.  
Made reservations today for 3, My wife Misty our daughter Page and I. It'll be here before you know it.
Message created at 02/09/12 08:04 PM
#2 jmgford Re:Who's coming.  
Pops & I, plus Luke (16) & Chloe (11)
Message created at 02/09/12 08:17 PM
#3 asellers Re:Who's coming.  
Currently my family of 5

My wife Gina and myself
Thomas 17
Joshua 13
Mitchell 11
Message created at 02/09/12 09:02 PM
#4 maverick racer Re:Who's coming.  
Ruth and I will be there along with Tiana (14) and Talissa (9).:thumbsup:

Ruth would like to have everyone put the ages, and names of the children that will be coming. Thanks
Message created at 02/09/12 11:02 PM
#5 jamesallen32 Re:Who's coming.  
? I made my reservations 2/1/12, and i bringing my orange car.
Message created at 02/10/12 09:20 AM
#6 wardf Re:Who's coming.  
I will be there with Yana 12, John 10 and Alex 8. I'm pretty sure we will be there wed night. Can't wait to see everyone!!!!
Message created at 02/14/12 06:59 PM
#7 Pinky Re:Who's coming.  
we will be there on Tuesday!
Message created at 02/15/12 05:22 PM
#8 Fro Re:Who's coming.  
We'll be there Monday John, We will make sure the rocking chairs are in good working order.
Message created at 02/16/12 06:34 PM
#9 asellers Re:Who's coming.  
We will be there Monday as well. Back up to 5, Mitchell has chosen The Gathering over orchestra camp.
Message created at 02/17/12 10:37 AM
#10 Wilbur Green Re:Who's coming.  
We plan to be there Monday.
Susan & me and grandkids.
Abby 15
Ally 13
Seth 9
Message created at 02/21/12 01:51 PM
#11 Grabber5.0 Re:Who's coming.  
Allan, Mitchell is a smart kid. :D I've been saying I can't afford to go, and I'm really not sure my truck will make it. Really needs new tires, but that's a lot of money to spend on a truck I'm not sure will be around much longer. Should make a reservation just the same. Shame the last suite was already taken.
Message created at 04/29/12 10:24 PM
#12 Fro Re:Who's coming.  
What are you thinkin? You'll be mad at yourself if you don't go. And where are you going to have more fun for a vacation?
Message created at 04/30/12 05:52 PM
#13 tsellers Re:Who's coming.  
looking like were bringing only my dad's car unless we can realy haul ass on mine, but isnt that how it always is :p.
Message created at 06/11/12 09:46 PM
#14 maverick racer Re:Who's coming.  
That's normal. New engine and tranny in the orange car. Still working out some bugs. Starter went Friday. I think just about everything else is new.:slap:
Message created at 06/12/12 11:16 PM
#15 jmgford Re:Who's coming.  
Anyone heard from Dale Suich? Dale are you out there? Are you coming to Somerset?
Message created at 07/13/12 03:57 PM
#16 Dale Mav77 Re:Who's coming.  
Hello Jack.

Hello Everybody. Sorry I've been away from the message board. Yes, it appears that I will be at the Gathering. I've got the Maverick in the shop now for a/c repairs, but the Mav should be ready for the trip by early next week. I should be in Somerset sometime mid-week. I look forward to seeing everybody there.
Message created at 07/14/12 03:57 PM
#17 jmgford Re:Who's coming.  
Good to hear. See you there. Have a safe trip.
Message created at 07/14/12 08:18 PM
#18 Grabber5.0 RE: Who's coming.  
Jack when are you getting there?
Message created at 07/15/12 07:45 AM
#19 jmgford RE: Who's coming.  
We are planning on leaving here at 6am (CST) Wednesday, which should put us in Somerset about 6 or 6:30 (EST). Shows 10-1/2 hrs driving time.
Message created at 07/15/12 01:43 PM
#20 Grabber5.0 RE: Who's coming.  
Don't know what route you are taking, but I recommend against taking 127 south to 27 into Somerset. :D It was a nice change of pace at first, but it got old. Especially that huge hill about 10 or 20 miles (I forget exactly where it was.. but it was nasty) north of Somerset. :eek:
Message created at 07/15/12 03:59 PM
#21 jmgford RE: Who's coming.  
Yea, I remember that one. It had the Moose Crossing sign on it. :)
Message created at 07/15/12 04:10 PM
#22 Grabber5.0 RE: Who's coming.  
Originally posted by jmgford
Yea, I remember that one. It had the Moose Crossing sign on it. :)

LOL I didn't remember that. :D
Message created at 07/15/12 04:30 PM
#23 Wilbur Green RE: Who's coming.  
Got the car on trailer sort of pain in butt had to put a jack underfront of trailer to get it without draging but got it on took for a drive was all fine.
Message created at 07/15/12 04:49 PM
#24 Grabber5.0 RE: Who's coming.  
Do you mean a floor jack or the trailer jack? I had to jack up the trailer with the 77 because the exhaust was so low. I usually sat a solid concrete block under the trailer jack for extra height and jacked up the truck and trailer together just enough to get clearance. Doing it that way was the same as taking the trailer off the truck only really easier because it's fewer steps. :D

Have a safe trip everyone.
Message created at 07/15/12 04:54 PM
#25 Wilbur Green RE: Who's coming.  
We jacked the trailer & truck in the driveway up about 4'' and got it on, made a set of ramps out of 1 by 10 stacked 4 high, will run truck on them hope it will get it high enough to get off and back on.
Message created at 07/15/12 06:15 PM
#26 Grabber5.0 Re: Who's coming.  
Well, I had enough of work to change my mind. I just need a vacation! I got new tires on the truck on Friday, and spent Sunday doing some little things with the car and working on the trailer. The right brake wasn't working because the grease had been seeping past the seal and gotten on the shoes. Cleaned it up and they were working better but not good, enough, so today I replaced the brakes. They still need some adjusting, but they are working much better. Car is loaded and I need to finish loading the bed of the truck so we can head out in the morning. See you guys tomorrow.
Message created at 07/17/12 08:09 PM
#27 Pinky Re: Who's coming.  
safe travel Matt.
We are meeting up with Frahler and heading down figure we will be here around 5pm.
Message created at 07/17/12 09:02 PM
#28 Mavericknutt Re: Who's coming.  
Be safe and have fun guys and gals
Message created at 07/17/12 09:31 PM
#29 Grabber5.0 Re: Who's coming.  
Alright we're ready to roll, just have to fill the cooler and throw the last couple bags in the truck. See y'all tomorrow.
Message created at 07/17/12 11:05 PM
#30 jmgford Re: Who's coming.  
Hopefully, we'll be on the road within the hour.:clap:
Message created at 07/18/12 05:00 AM