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#1 jmgford Photo Caption  

If you would like to fill in the balloons, the cast of characters is:

1. Thomas-_______________________________________
2. Don-__________________________________________
3. Jeff-___________________________________________
4. Jack-___________________________________________
5. John-__________________________________________
6. Ron-___________________________________________
7. Wilbur-_________________________________________
Message created at 07/18/11 05:12 PM
#2 Fro Re:Photo Caption  
Man thats a tough one Jack, its gonna be good though.
Message created at 07/20/11 01:24 PM
#3 maverick racer Re:Photo Caption  
7 of the greatest minds in the world and we still couldn't find anything wrong.
Message created at 07/20/11 07:20 PM
#4 Fro Re:Photo Caption  
Well I knew what was wrong with it..... it wouldnt run.
Message created at 07/20/11 08:16 PM
#5 maverick racer Re:Photo Caption  
Just needed a ride in my trailer to fix it. :cool:
Message created at 07/20/11 10:30 PM
#6 Fro Re:Photo Caption  
Ya she needed a break.
Message created at 07/21/11 09:00 AM
#7 asellers Re:Photo Caption  
Well I have a couple I am having a hard time with. Hope to post it soon though.
Message created at 07/23/11 02:51 PM