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#1 asellers Fender Rolling  
I have purchased a fender rolling tool like Eastwood sells. If someone would like to roll their fenders at the Gathering I can bring it and the heat gun for them to use.. I would ask for a small donation as eventually the roller wheel will need to be replaced.

Message created at 06/25/11 11:00 AM
#2 daydreamer Re:Fender Rolling  
How does it work. Will it damage the finished paint. Any other worries.:?:
Message created at 06/27/11 08:40 PM
#3 asellers Re:Fender Rolling  
Ron it attaches in place of the wheel and has an adjustable arm with a roller.

We heated up the paint while rolling. I am sure it will work with enamel and urethane paints but not going to risk it on laquer. There is always a risk of damaging paint though.
Message created at 06/27/11 10:07 PM
#4 maverick racer Re:Fender Rolling  
I have one that I've used on mine also. Works pretty good. Not sure I'd use it on a finished car, but it works good on a project.
Message created at 07/01/11 03:25 PM
#5 Grabber5.0 Re: Fender Rolling  
Dumb question I've always wondered about these: do they work on rear quarters too?
Message created at 07/01/11 09:52 PM
#6 asellers Re: Fender Rolling  
Matt so far that is all I have used mine on.
Message created at 07/02/11 10:50 AM