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#1 Grabber5.0 fix for windows mobile users!  
I'm sure I'm the only one that has been trying to even do this. :D You can now FINALLY upload photos from Windows Mobile devices using Pocket Internet Explorer! :D I have looked at it once in a while and not been able to figure it out until last night. PIE packages the form data a bit differently than PC browsers, so the code to process it was not picking up the filename. It was actually uploading the file successfully (which I did not realize), but then losing track of it when adding the message to the forum.

What all this means is you can snap a pic with your smartphone camera at a car show and upload it right away. :clap: :onfire:

Now, don't you all want to run right out and buy a Windows-based smartphone? :D
Message created at 11/04/08 10:30 AM
#2 asellers Re:fix for windows mobile users!  
I will have to give it a try
Message created at 11/04/08 02:53 PM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:fix for windows mobile users!  
Good thing you didn't try yet because it was only working in the standalone upload page (used in the new chat). I updated the new message code so it works too now.
Message created at 11/04/08 07:52 PM