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#1 Grabber5.0 multi-page thread display  
How much interest is there in changing the thread display to break up threads into pages? Some of these really long threads take forever to come up. It's something I've been wanting to look into for a long time, just never have done it. I started playing with it the other day, but before I get very far or spring it on your, I want some feedback.

Here's what I want:
Are you interested in this feature?
How you would like it to work (I have my own ideas obviously, but want your input!)
Are there other more important features you want to see?
Message created at 10/08/08 04:09 PM
#2 jmgford Re:multi-page thread display  

I think it would be nice to have long threads segmented into pages. As far as how, I don't really have an opinion. Do whatever works for you. :thumbsup:
Message created at 10/08/08 06:28 PM
#3 maverick5946 Re:multi-page thread display  
I am of no opinion....whatever works for everyone else.
Message created at 10/08/08 08:57 PM
#4 maverick racer Re:multi-page thread display  
Makes no difference to me. I can scroll down as well as turn a page. That's probably all I can do on here though.:slap:
Message created at 10/09/08 09:23 AM
#5 jmgford Re:multi-page thread display  
If it doesn't get changed to pages, I'll wear out my mouse scrolling through all of John's lengthy threads! :evil::D
Message created at 10/09/08 04:25 PM
#6 Grabber5.0 Re:multi-page thread display  
Originally posted by jmgford
If it doesn't get changed to pages, I'll wear out my mouse scrolling through all of John's lengthy threads! :evil::D

:rollinglaugh: I think Stephen's THREAD is still longer (almost had to edit that :slap: )
Message created at 10/09/08 04:39 PM
#7 radmav Re:multi-page thread display  
fix it Matt,.........FIX IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whatever anyone wants?:p
Message created at 10/10/08 09:55 PM
#8 Grabber5.0 Re:multi-page thread display  
I turned this on, let me know if you have any problems or suggestions. It is going to screw with your browser's visited link since there is an extra parameter. I am working on how to fix that as well, but I'm not sure how long it will be.

It keys off the page set set in your preferences that also sets how many topics to show when viewing a forum. I plan on making that separate before too long.

When viewing the forum list and when viewing an individual forum, multi-page topics will have an icon after the subject indicating it is a multi-page topic, and a number in parentheses indicating how many pages it is. The number is a hot link to jump to the last page.

When displaying a topic, a box will appear in the upper right and lower right corners allowing you to jump to the previous or next page, and jump to the last page.

More enhancements to this will be coming as I have time to finish them.
Message created at 10/27/08 04:17 PM
#9 maverick5946 Re:multi-page thread display  
pages and a counter.....:clap:
Message created at 10/27/08 04:28 PM
#10 Grabber5.0 Re:multi-page thread display  
Jump to last post is finished (as I was working on it I realized I had started it and really had all of the hard work done who knows how long ago :slap: ) now. Click on the icon next to the last updated info to jump directly to the last post. (As with any targeted link, if there is not enough page below it, it will not be at the top of your browser window)
Message created at 10/27/08 11:50 PM