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#1 jcicortez chang of price on 1973 maverick  
Please change the price too 9,500.00 excellent shape
Message created at 07/16/08 01:46 PM
#2 asellers Re:chang of price on 1973 maverick  
Originally posted by jcicortez
Please change the add price of my maverick to 10,500...thanks you

You should be able to log in and then click Edit Your Message to change the price.

Message created at 07/25/08 11:32 AM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:chang of price on 1973 maverick  
Thanks Allan.. when I searched for his post I could not find it because it defaulted to the discussion forum only. :slap:
Message created at 07/25/08 11:41 AM