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#1 Grabber5.0 search across all forums  
There is now a search button on the forum list that will search for your keywords across all forums. The search button within a forum will still just search within the forum you are displaying. Eventually I will combine them into one and allow you to select which forums to search. This somewhat relates to the subject Mark posted about find new threads, but I discovered that I created a separate page for that, and I need to figure out why before I proceed with that.
Message created at 02/05/07 02:57 PM
#2 badmav70 Re:search across all forums  
Message created at 05/03/07 04:54 PM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:search across all forums  
Better late than never, eh Steve? (talking about me not you) :slap:
Message created at 05/03/07 05:31 PM