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#1 comrick317 Spring time is decal time.  
When it's spring time it's decal time. I like to haul out the decals i collected over the Winter (no not all of them) and put them on the old Comet. I replace some with new ones as the old ones get messed up or faded or i get sick of them or whatever. I hear that decals will make your car go faster so how could i resist them.

Take a look see:

I finally got my NRMCC decals and Harveys Maverick decals in. I was very happy.

First i had to decide where to put them.

The finished project and a much faster :p Comet.

And then i couldn't stop putting them everywhere, even on my son's bike........... it got crazy. I feel shame and need help... but i had fun.:thumbsup:

Here's a couple of You-Tube videos of the event that my daughter helped me make and edit :

Got any decals on your Maverick or Comet........... new or old?
Message created at 04/29/13 11:42 PM