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#1 derek5ocomet 70-72 Maverick for sale Ontario,Can.  
Not mine,
Message created at 01/25/12 10:17 PM
#2 daydreamer Re:70-72 Maverick for sale Ontario,Can.  
Yup some might remember the car. He showed up at Kelseys with the Comet and his wife and new born.I have talked to him,(SASKATCHEWAN), he is there and selling all the parts and 2 cars for the $5000. Comes home to Ont every month. Moving to Sask. in July. He did a pile of work to the Comet. The 2nd car is a 71 Mav, rolling chassie only. He says the Mav is rust free. He has a 351w for the Mav.If I had the room, I might just consider this sale. OH well.
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#3 comrick317 Re:70-72 Maverick for sale Ontario,Can.  
Here is the Maverick, looks great lifting off at the start.

I wonder who the new owner is. Maybe he could bring it to the next Meet and Greet.
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