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#1 steve 71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
This car was turned into a drag car in 1973. It was fitted with a Boss 302 and t10 and was the AHRA record holder in its class. It was famous for its wild wheelies. It was retired in 1983 and parked in the elements. I bought it in 2001. Sold it to a friend in 2005. He spent over $30,000 rebuilding it. Everything on car is new. Now powered by a 410 big block Ford built by Mothers Machine. Diamond pistons, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Milodon gear drive,11. compression,new Demon carb, Edelbrock intake, Hooker Headers, 4500 stall in C-6, MSD ignition, Old narrowed Dana rear end w/5.83 gears. Car was refurbished by Clay Phillips Race Cars. No expense spared. New tube front end w/rack and pinion steering and disc brakes.Mickey Thompson Drag radials. My friend drove it on the street for a time w/mild 347. Clear title w/great racing history. Weld wheels. Plumbed for nitrous. Im missing a lot of details but this is probably the nicest Maverick anywhere. Has all Grabber pieces including fiberglass hood. $10,500. 417-299-1678 Steve
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#2 mavericknutt Re:71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
This car is powered by an FE I believe isn't it? Have never seen it but heard of it was in an auction a while back here locally cool car.
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#3 steve Re:71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
It has an FE with less than 5 miles total run time. Unfortunately, my friend lost it to bankruptcy and it was auctioned to pay creditors. He knew I always loved that car , so he encouraged me to buy it back. I was glad to oblige. I have only used it for furniture and it needs to go to someone who has the time to drive and show it . Since you are local , you should swing by and check it out some time. Steve
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#4 Grabber5.0 RE: 71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
Robert I was thinking you had seen this car before it wad restored, but that was Mark when we picked up my Grabber. Btw, hi Steve!
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#5 steve RE: 71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
Take $8500 for it . Barely covers the engine cost.
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#6 Mavericknutt RE: 71 Maverick Nicest in USA  
Steve, i would like to check out the car sometime, i met your friend at the street machines last weekend who had the maverick before nice fellow
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