Grabber Apps

Most apps are published in the feeds at and available via Preware or WebOSQuickInstall. Patches that are not available in the Preware feeds are published in forum threads, and some are also available here for direct download using the device browser.


Movie DB
SMS Autoforward/Reply (1.x only)
GlobalSign Root Certificate Updater


Google Sync https fix
Hide App Catalog - Hides Palm/HP app catalog on webOS devices
Add to/from address to messaging popup menu - Useful mainly when using Timestamps Clean messaging patch
Total Message Count for webOS 2.x - Adds total message counter to messaging conversation header

How-to articles

Installing patch files on your webOS phone or Touchpad
Installing webOS 2.1 phone app on webOS 2.2.4 phone - Replace the Enyo phone app from webOS 2.x with the more responsive Mojo version from webOS 2.1. Likely disables integrated Skype functionality, but it's worth it for the more responsive phone app.