World Ford Challenge



World Ford Challenge in St. Louis, MO/IL, May 17th - 20th, 2001

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Loaded up, and ready to go to the WFC!

Here is a photo I took before the Mustang and Fords Magazine Photo shoot!

James Allen, Mark Griffith & Chris Stout's Mavericks.

Here is a picture of Rob Riesor of Mustang and Fords taking a photo of us.




Misc. Photos at the show


Hurry up! It's hot out here! (Nice Tan)

Cars in the Parade, on the last day.

Yep! That's Chris Stout's Maverick in the Parade! Probably the first Maverick

in a parade at the WFC! (You know, The guy with the Great tan!)



Maverick on the Track

Hey, shut the kids up! Two more hours tell we get home!