9th Annual Roundup Nationals!

New Castle, Indiana, 9th Annual Roundup Nationals, July 25-27,2002

Group Photo

Here is Mark's daughter with John Ford's Son, Ummm, what year maverick does his dad own.

Here we are at the Pizza Place Thursday night,

Did someone say "FREE PIZZA!"

Stop talking and bring on the all meat pizza!

Tammy & Tom Hack

Cheese Please

Hey Dennis(Mavaholic)! You can't come back here!

Ummm, How did we get lost? I should have zigged instead of zagged!

This ought to open that darn window!


Here, lets get a penny and let the train run over it!

I believe this will fit!??!!?!?

These Maverick Guys and Gals Drive me nuts!

Everyone had an opportunity to take a picture with their Maverick and this restored Gas Station from the 50's

Waiting to take a photo with the restored gas station.


Here we are invading the Paddock Cruse in!


The End!

See you'all next year!

Ya Hear!