Illinois Mini Meet at Fred's!

Chenoa IL, Mini Meet, April 20th and 21st, 2002

At Fred Kilcullen House.

Breakfast Time!

Jim, (Angry Bison) Gotcha!

Checking out Racecorts trick Escort!

Getting to know! Each other!

Who the heck brought this?

Here's Ryan (Racecort Ryan), Showing the host Fred some of his Maverick Sprint paper work.

Yep, Kids had fun too!

Yeah Baby!

Racecort Ryan after he pulled his thumb out of my door jam, after a ride in TOYMAV, Ouch!!

Soooo, What was that hidden door in the dinning room for?

This is the OLD house we were able to tour thanks to Fred.

This is when we were cruising to the Maverick Steak House.

Hey Matt, Stand up!

The Famous Maverick Steak Burger, Ummm, Looks good!

See how we put the table in the shape of a Bulls head......

Right to Left - TOYMAV, Warlock Mavericks Dad, Warlock Mav, Racecort Ryan

The Three Amigos!

Racecort Ryan Teaching us the fine arts of Body work. Thanks Ryans!

Here is Mark Sundquist's soon to be wife. Looks like things are starting off right!

Good Night!