the Unofficial - Mid America Maverick Club

Yeah Comets too.

Washington IA, Mini Meet, JAN. 19th - 20st, 2002



Hear is the host of the Washington IA, Mini Meet, Chris Stout!

Getting to know each other, and Chris's dog Shelby.

Fun time for the kids

Talking about Maverick & Comet Politics!

The Williams and Griffith kids having lots of fun.

Checking the with a few brews, Humm.....

I didn't say it was beauty contest! LOL!

Right to Left: Will Wintermeyer, Jeff Cranstoun, Fred Kilcullen, Mark Griffith

Chris Stout, Shelby the Dog, Matt Williams

Getting ready for dinner, Who's Paying?

Spit Fight! Girls! Stop That!

This is after someone just ask us, "Why a Maverick?"

Dad, Let me show you how to drive that Maverick!

This is Matt at 7:00 pm

Here is Matt and 2:00 am

Thats all folks!