Bloomfield, Iowa, Mini Meet!

Bloomfield, Iowa, Mini Meet, August 17th and 18th, 2002

and at Chris Stout's House.


Click here for the Lost Photos!!

Matt Williams, TOYMAV and Chris Stout's Maverick's at the Park.

Let me show you how this is done kid.....

Who should I call now, Darn, I need a hotel room tonight.

Having fun....


Wow! Nice paint job boys!

Willie, Get me a beer!

After 10 beers!

After 20 beers!

Matt & Marion Williams Maverick! (Maverick Matt)

Chris Grayber's 70 Maverick Grabber

Grabber Willie's 74 Maverick

Hey, where are all the chicks! Dad, I'm going to make you proud!

Fun with the kids!

Two Stock Maverick's

Here are a few of the Cars at the show....




That Probe won't win! What is that on the tail pipe?

Maverick's did well at this "Vote by the participants" show.

At Sonic.


We got allot of looks this day.

Will Wintermeyer's 74 Maverick Grabber

Matt and Marion Williams 77 Maverick LDO

Chris and Marcy Stout's 77 (Shelby?) Maverick

Mark and Helen Griffith's 73 Maverick

At Sonic, after the car show, What is Grabber Willie doing back there?

That's all Folks! ;-)