Maverick History

The Maverick bowed in Apr. 1969 as the first 1970 model. It arrived as an all-new car but shared engines and running gear with the Falcon. The Falcon was still in production at the Maverick's introduction and wasn't discontinued until eight months later.

As originally presented, the first Maverick came only as a 2-door sedan. It had a base price of $1995 with the 170-cid, 105-bhp (gross)6. The 200 was optional. Then month by month, options were added and changes made: power steering in Nov. 1969, the 250-cid 6 was added in Jan. 1970, and the 302 V-8 arrived in Dec. 1970. So did the sporty Grabber and a 4-door sedan on a 109.9-inch wheelbase. In 1971, Mercury began selling essentially the same car under the Comet nameplate, and in spring 1972, both added LDO packages. The Sprint was also added in 72, Disc brakes arrived in Sept. 1973.

Also in 1973, Ford of Brazil after some last minute modifications launched the Brazilian Maverick at the 1973 S"o Pablo Auto Show on May as a 1974 model. To read much more about the Brazilian Maverick By Ernesto Franzen Click here.

In all, the Maverick and Comet have been extremely popular, successful cars. Both continued despite Ford's addition of the 1975 Granada and Monarch until 1977.

In 1976 the Maverick Stallion was added to the line up for the sports-minded Maverick Owner.