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#1 comrick317 New old car club logo  
I was playing around with Photoshop and i came up with another version of the classic Harvey's decal for a car club i belong too.
Me being a Maverick Comet fan, the decal will as usual have a Maverick on it, mixed with the car club information but made (sorta) to look like the classic decal. Hope that kinda makes a little sense. If you live in Southern Ontario you have seen the original decal before.

Here is the old new one.

I'm hoping the club votes on making a decal of it, hey the more Maverick Comet memorabilia around the better.
If they do make a decal of it i'll post pictures of the decal going on the old Comet.:thumbsup:
Message created at 04/17/13 01:12 AM