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#1 jmgford Wheel Color?  
Now that my Fairlane is gone, I think I need to do something with the (white) wheels that my slicks are on.

Black, silver, fake chrome.....?
Message created at 04/07/13 07:45 AM
#2 Fro Re:Wheel Color?  
I think black. Maybe semi gloss.
Message created at 04/07/13 09:08 AM
#3 Grabber5.0 Re:Wheel Color?  
I think the white looks fine too. Maybe you could tape off a Magnum 500 pattern and paint them black and silver. :)
Message created at 04/07/13 01:57 PM
#4 comrick317 Re:Wheel Color?  
I like the black and silver idea too. By the way Jmgford your Maverick looks great no matter how many times i see a picture of it, seriously!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Message created at 04/07/13 11:17 PM