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#1 comrick317 My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  
Last Sunday i went to Megaspeed here in Mississauga. It's one of my favorite car shows, especially in the Winter months. It used to be called Performance World Custom Car Show a few years back. Ron and myself had our cars at this very show in 2009 when it was called Performance World.

This year was a banner year as there was two Comets and one Maverick. The best part was i have never seen any of these cars before so that was a thrill indeed.

The Maverick is from Brampton (just North East of Mississauga) and is owned by a guy from Trinidad and Tobago. He said that when he lived there he owned a Maverick which was one of only two that were on the island. I asked him how the Mavericks got there and he said he did not know but figures that they were shipped over at one point by someone who liked them. When he moved to Canada he wanted another Maverick so he looked for and found one. Funny he living so close to Larry and i and we have never seen him before. The Maverick is a 1970 and he is looking for chrome '70-'72 bumpers (Larry!). He said he will try to make it to the Mav Com Breakfast on April 7.

And one more picture of the Maverick leaving the show which is the main reason i go on Sunday. I love hearing the cars start up and drive out of the show and the smell of the (cough cough) exhaust.:thumbsup:

This is Comet number one, and yes i know it's not our Comets / Mavericks but damn it looks great.

Boy 1965 Comets look sweet all jacked up for the strip.

Comet number two: A very nice Comet which is from Lindsay Ontario. Since i didn't find the owner, that is all i know about the car or the owner.

We also met former wrestler Bill Goldberg. One big dude but a really nice guy and not one of those celebrities who won't sign something unless your waving a $20 under their nose. Hell he even provided a card with him on it with a nice '70 Chevelle in the backround. He signed all the cards in front of you and handed them out with a smile.

And lastly since i did have my Comet at the show a few years ago with the Daydreamer, i like to see what is parked in the spot that we had back in 2009.

Here it is:
A couple of Ski-Doos and some mini Dragsters. Hell it's better than one year when it was a tour bus and a Skyjack platform hide behind a curtain. :p

Oh and this was there too........ Um.....don't ask!

All in all it was a great car show and a great day with my son.
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#2 jmgford Re:My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  

Oh and this was there too........ Um.....don't ask!


WHAT IS THAT THING!! A baby aardvark?
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#3 zac Re:My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  
looks like a chevy "rat" motor:?:
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#4 comrick317 Re:My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  
Originally posted by zac
looks like a chevy "rat" motor:?:

Oh yews guys are a riot. At the show they had a mini zoo with a bunch of freaky animals. Snakes, spiders, turtles and that skinny pig thing. My son loved it and held a few of the wee beasties.

Smile and hope it won't bite.:clap:
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#5 daydreamer Re:My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  
Howdy every1. Gord and I were at the show Sunday from 10:00am--- 2:00pm. Saw the blue and green cars, had lunch too.
The blue mav has been seen before by me. Its for sale on Kijiji, or at least was a few weeks ago.
The green mav is owned by a fellow who attended my Kelseys meets in the past. A clue, black/blue. Gord and I talked to him on Sunday around noon. He,s aware of the breakfast meet. I think I will call him to remind him.
Great show, scenery nice too. Lots of cars and a good variety. Better than the last time I attended.:thumbsup:
See you for brunch. TTFN RON
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#6 comrick317 Re:My day at Megaspeed Custom Car Show 2013  
Good info Ron, i guess the guy with the green Comet was at the Kelsey's meet and greet at one point but with out a car? There have been so many people over the years that i can't remember them all.
If you get a chance Ron let him know about Matt's board if he doesn't already know about it.
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