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#1 jmgford 2013 Gathering  
Only 4 months 'til the Gathering. Who all is planning on attending? I promise all this snow will be gone by then. :rolleyes:

Message created at 03/13/13 08:28 PM
#2 Fro Re:2013 Gathering  
Misty, Page and I will be there. Early of course.
Message created at 03/13/13 09:26 PM
#3 Wilbur Green Re:2013 Gathering  
Planing and saving, planing on coming early.

Message created at 03/14/13 07:46 AM
#4 mavericknutt Re:2013 Gathering  
Rondi, the 2 youngest and I plan on being there.:thumbsup:
Message created at 03/14/13 02:32 PM
#5 Grabber5.0 RE: 2013 Gathering  
God willing we will be there!
Message created at 03/14/13 02:49 PM
#6 comrick317 RE: 2013 Gathering  
I won't be able to make it and believe me when i say i do want to come to one of your events. I look forward to seeing the pictures each year and sorta live through those pictures. Never have i heard a negative word about the Gathering.

I hope it's your best Gathering yet with record numbers of Mavericks and Comets attending. :thumbsup:
Message created at 03/14/13 06:03 PM
#7 jamesallen32 RE: 2013 Gathering  
i plan on being there on tuesday.
Message created at 03/15/13 03:58 PM
#8 jmgford RE: 2013 Gathering  
Originally posted by jamesallen32
i plan on being there on tuesday.

Good to hear, Jim. We have a "special" activity planned for Tuesday.
Message created at 03/15/13 04:29 PM
#9 jmgford RE: 2013 Gathering  
Just a friendly reminder again to make your reservations now. If I need to expand our room block, it will be easier to do early, than at the last minute.

Message created at 03/24/13 06:28 AM
#10 jamesallen32 RE: 2013 Gathering  
i Know all about it jack, i"m in!
Message created at 03/25/13 04:00 PM