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#1 dfrost 1970 V8 with 5spd  
1970 Maverick with a nicely built 302. Engine is bored .30, 351W heads, Edelbrock Air Gap intake, Holley double pumper 650, roller cam and valve train guides. Has a MSD 6A box, aluminum flywheel, new 11" clutch and a new Tremec T5 (less than 300 miles), four wheel disc brakes, 9" rear with 4:56 mini spool, Caltracs traction bars and Police interceptor wheels and tires (16"). The front suspension has been changed to a Total Control coil over set up with a large sway bar, front and rear shocks are adjustable Varishocks. The interior is custom with the Maverick emblem stitched into the seats. All flexible break lines have been upgraded to braided lines. I am sure I am missing other items I have upgraded on the car. This has been my baby but need to free up some cash. Asking price it $8,750 OBO, bring cash and lets make a deal.
Message created at 04/23/13 01:02 PM
#2 Grabber5.0 Re:1970 V8 with 5spd  
Great looking car. Is that the coil over setup that keeps the factory steering? I forget whether that includes upper and lower arms.
Message created at 04/24/13 12:05 PM
#3 dfrost Re:1970 V8 with 5spd  
yes, it keeps the factory steering but does come with the upper and lower arms along with the strut rods.

Price is very negotiable if someone is interested. Thanks
Message created at 04/25/13 09:00 AM