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#1 radmav misc stuff for sale  
a few odds and ends I wont be needing.

all parts are new.

a pair of Car Chemistry 4" exhaust inserts. 3 in box. these cost $75 each , make me an offer,.... my loss,your gain.

a pair of VF street rod side mirrors, new in box .cost over $140 new, again...make me an offer
Message created at 09/29/10 07:35 PM
#2 wardf Re:misc stuff for sale  
Got a pic of the mirriors?
Message created at 10/05/10 08:13 AM
#3 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
I'll try and get one up shortly :thumbsup:
Message created at 10/05/10 03:36 PM
#4 mavericknutt Re:misc stuff for sale  
You can just bring me the exhaust inserts we will just call it even for me having to put up with you :evil:
Message created at 10/06/10 11:58 AM
#5 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
sure,... I'll be happy to bring them to you.....and knock off some of that $$$$ that your trying to gouge me on ;):p
Message created at 10/06/10 03:29 PM
#6 2door3tree72mav Re:misc stuff for sale  
so do the mirrors come in a different stile and shape
Message created at 11/05/10 12:16 PM
#7 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
still have them.... anyone?
Message created at 01/03/11 06:48 PM
#8 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  

along with the exhaust inserts and mirrors, I also have a 2011 mustang rear spoiler for sale. make offer
Message created at 08/15/11 04:38 PM
#9 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
update on the list

VF mirrors
car chemistry exhaust inserts (2) for 4" pipe
2011-2012 mustang rear spoiler
milodon gear drive set up, new in package for BBF

make offers,---this stuff isnt doing anything for me sitting collecting dust :thumbsup:
Message created at 04/24/12 06:33 PM
#10 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
I'll add a set of stainless steel mufflers from an '11 stang for sale too...CHEAP!

I'll just pitch them if no one wants them
Message created at 04/25/12 07:35 PM
#11 radmav Re:misc stuff for sale  
scratch that on the mufflers,...didnt want them sitting around in the way.
Message created at 04/26/12 10:46 AM